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Strategic Planning and Management Course

Strategic planning is the process of finding the best means of attaining organizational goals. It defines what the organization is all about and what it wants to achieve in clear and certain terms. 

 You have learned in the previous chapter about Strategy Implementation and Resource Mobilization. In this chapter, we will focus on enabling you to design and develop an Organizational Architecture that will perfectly match and effectively execute Strategy Implementation. This is where you will build the knowledge, skills and competencies in organizing people to carry out the Programs, Activities and Tasks of your Strategies.

I. Macro Environment

Step One: Research or Data Gathering

• Secondary Information
• Primary Information
• Other information to take note

Internal assessment is another major step towards evaluating the performance of an enterprise or organization. It helps to know the internal condition of a company and a good assessment gives a clear idea of the company's strengths and weaknesses at different levels.

Strategy Formulation and Evaluation converges all the learnings from the previous exercises. The Strategic Planning Process has been substantiated by the learnings from the Opportunities and Threats in the External Environmental Assessment and the Strengths and Weaknesses from the Internal Environmental Assessment.

Strategy Implementation is the action part of Strategic Planning and Management. This is where you need to determine how to translate strategies into programs, activities and tasks for your enterprise; and to ascertain what resources are required to carry them out.