Gina Lopez

Author: Gonzales, Manolita A.

Topic: Gonzales, Manolita A.

Either She or Me

Author: Jurado, Alec Gabriel B.

Topic: Leadership, Succession; Training; Human Resource

THE NGO, KAUNLARAN: Rush to Commercialize, Sustainability, and Mission Drift

Author: Leoncio, Ronald

Topic: Organizational Development; Innovation; Management

Nang Tinimbang, Sino Ang Nagkulang?

Author: Holoyhoy, Alvin

Topic: Crisis Management; Decision-Making; Business Ethics

Monay, Ikaw Nga Ba Ang Pag-Asa?

Author: Malangis, Shiela S.

Topic: Business, Personal Development, Sales Management, Decision-making and Critical Analysis

Who is to Blame?

Author: Cometa, Norma P.

Topic: Human Resource; Decision-Making; Business Ethics

How do you face a problem if the problem is your face?

Author: Camins, Alvin

Topic: Management; Human Resource Management; Location Assessment

Grace or Legalism?

Author: Coking, Dulce Amor

Topic: Ethics in an Organization; Client Management

Laundry At Your Reach

Author: Oxales, Julius Adrian

Topic: Opportunity Seizing; Marketing (Positioning); Customer Profiling; SWOT Analysis (Opportunities and Threats)